Simple Steps To Change Brother Printer Ink Cartridge Sep 12th, 2017   [viewed 29 times]

The Brother printer is popular for its quality printing, scanning, data copying and sending a fax. The printer is geared up with media card ports to print top quality photos directly from your memory card. The printer includes an ink dot counter that checks the ink degree of each cartridge. The unit has 4 separate cartridges and also will certainly display a message that you need to change the ink cartridge. To guarantee the high-quality output of your device, it is essential to change the cartridges when it is required. In case, if you have any doubt then call to Brother Printer Customer Support Phone Number.

Here’s how to change ink cartridge of your brother printer.

Step 1

Open the ink cartridge cover, located in the best front edge of the printer. The LCD screen will inform you which cartridges should be changed when the cover is open.

Step 2

Press the lock release lever down to open the printer ink cartridge and take out the ink cartridge. Open the wrapped new ink cartridge and remove its cover as well as its yellow cap.

Step 3

Insert the ink cartridge properly to install it. You will found the arrow indicating that how to insert ink cartridge in brother printer. Each color has its very own placement, so it is essential to comply with the arrow to avoid damages to the device.

Step 4

To adjust the cartridge pull the lock release lever up until it sounds clicks. This tells you the cartridge is safely in position. Shut the ink cartridge cover.

Step 5

You need to press the "1" button to reset the ink dot counter. The LCD display will prompt you to confirm the ink cartridge was changed and to use it you need to reset dot counter by pressing “1”

What If All Process Does Not Go Smoothly?

No need to worry at all; just get in touch with an expert by making a call to Brother Printer Customer Service Phone Number. Yes, this is the quick and easy way to get support for all kinds of brother printer related issues.